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We are curators of fun and specialize in unique experiences, and there is no better experience than nine days every summer at the National Balloon Classic in Indianola, Iowa!

More than 100 magnificent hot air balloons paint the sky with brilliant colors as skilled pilots from around the world compete for points, prizes, and championship titles. Guests watch in awe as they also enjoy live music nightly, Nite Glows, fireworks, kite shows, skydivers, Kids Land, and so much more.

Find your fun at the National Balloon Classic … we are ready to take flight with you!

Grant over the moon.jpg

Memorial Balloon Field

15335 Jewell St, Indianola, IA 50125
(only open during event dates)

Balloon Rides

Want to take your fun to new heights? Create lifetime memories and buy a balloon ride. Balloon rides are available every morning or evening (weather permitting) during the 2023 National Balloon Classic.


Reserve a balloon ride TODAY. Spots sell out quickly!

Galena on the Fly, the official Ride Balloon Operator for the National Balloon Classic.

Galena on the Fly

New for 2023: PRIVATE FLIGHTS FOR TWO Monday-Friday mornings only. Private flights sell out fast. Reserve your exclusive spot today!

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