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Chad Kerns – From Scoring to Soaring

Chad Kerns is returning to the National Balloon Classic after crewing last year where he threw from 2,000 feet to score the target on Harrison Street.


“Flying alongside so many balloons was an amazing experience. Being able to experience the atmosphere of the Classic made me want to come back this year to fly myself as opposed to crewing for the whole week,” said Kerns.


Kerns has seven years of flying experience and over 25 years of crewing experience. He likes that his skill of flying balloons allows his friends and family to experience flight in a way that many people don’t get to.


When recalling his favorite flights, Chad said, “One of my favorite flights was being able to fly my four-year-old son for his first flight along with my 10-year-old.”


In addition to flying with his family, Chad enjoys flying during the winter and says the colder temperatures make for longer fun flights.

Kerns, C1.jpg
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