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Chase Sanders – Chasing Childhood Dreams

Chase Sanders has been living his childhood dream of being a pilot for the past six years. This year, Chase will partake in his second National Balloon Classic in his balloon called “Pyro.”


For several summers, Chase crewed Pyro before purchasing the balloon and beginning his pilot training. Pyro is also important to Chase as it was his first balloon ride in Iowa.


Chase enjoys that the National Balloon Classic is well-organized and local to him. His favorite parts about the National Balloon Classic are the competition and throwing baggies at different tasks throughout the week.


Chase says that the biggest lesson he’s learned in his experience with hot air balloons is that “Winds change – especially during evening flights in Iowa. No matter how much you prepare ahead and review weather forecasts, more times than not there's a surprise change of direction that comes about in flight. You just have to accept the course for an adventure.”

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