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Chris Cliver – Happy Landings

Chris Cliver has been flying in the National Balloon Classic for over five years. This year

Cliver is flying his balloon called “Happy Hour.”


Cliver says the National Balloon Classic keeps him returning year after year because it’s the most fun and “competitive event for pilots and crew hands down. The National Balloon Classic is the most action-packed baggie throwing event with 100+ balloons and is home to the nicest people.”


The mix of fun with friends and throwing “markers” from the balloon in front of the crowd of spectators is Cliver’s favorite part about the National Balloon Classic. He is inspired by the opportunities to travel and see so many cool new places from a unique airborne perspective.


“The most important thing about this sport is to have fun and support each other to keep the magic alive,” says Cliver.


Following in his father’s footsteps, Cliver has flown this balloon in Europe and has represented the U.S. in three separate junior world championships, finishing as the top ranked American finisher each time.

Cliver, C1.jpg
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