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Bareford Dominic  Bubballoon.jpeg


Dominic Bareford – The Experienced Newbie

Dominic Bareford is currently the World Hot Air Balloon Champion, and this is

first time flying at the National Balloon Classic.


This year, Bareford will be making his National Balloon Classic debut with his balloon called “Buballoon.”


“I’m looking forward to throwing lots of markers (baggies as you guys call them), and catching up with lots of friends,” remarked Bareford. 


Bareford enjoys flying competitively and challenging himself every flight as well as flying in different countries. In 2018, he designed and built his own balloon which he flies in the UK.


When asked what the biggest lesson he’s learned in his experience with hot air balloons, Bareford said, “Just like life, in a balloon you cannot control everything. Focus on controlling what you can and go with the flow with the rest.”

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