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Garrett Hillary – Knot New to This

Garrett Hillary is an experienced pilot with over seven years of experience. Since second grade, Hillary has had his mind set on becoming a pilot. To reach this goal, Hillary obtained his pilot's license before the age of 21 and has been participating in the National Balloon Classic since 2015.


This year, Garrett is flying his balloon called “Forget Me Knot.” His favorite parts about the National Balloon Classic are the people and camaraderie among all the pilots and crew.


Garrett credits his love of Indianola as the reason he returns every year saying, “Indianola holds a special place in my heart because I learned to fly here and made some of the most amazing friendships along the way. I also love the welcoming landowners who are used to seeing balloons all the time.”


Garrett says that his piloting career has taught him a lot about the sport.


“If it weren’t for the crew and landowners, we couldn’t do the sport that we are so passionate about. It takes a village so we must take great care of the crew and landowners so we can share the passion with others.”

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Hillary, G2.jpg
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