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Robb Johnson – Trust Your Instincts & Have Fun!

Robb Johnson has been a part of the National Balloon Classic since he was eight years old. As a child, he would help crew for his family from Belton, Texas. This was the catalyst for his infatuation with balloons.


Now, as a fifth-year pilot and third year participant in the Classic, Johnson not only enjoys the camaraderie he builds with pilots and crew, but also appreciates the unique and challenging tasks the Balloonmeister assigns at each morning flight.


“Joker’s Wild”, Johnson’s balloon, is a vintage, British Thunder & Colt basket with an Aerostar envelope made in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Two legendary balloon manufacturers that were pioneers in the hot air ballooning industry.


Johnson’s advice to other pilots is “to always take care of your equipment, trust your

instincts…and have fun!”

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