In addition to 100+ hot air balloons flying every evening (weather permitting) there is entertainment galore during the magnificent 9-day event! Special events are subject to change.

Balloon Flight Over Des Moines

On this one special morning, hot air balloons fly over the capital in Des Moines, Iowa and it is a sight to behold. Follow us on Facebook for more information as it becomes available.

National Balloon Classic Sky Parade
A truly UP-lifting event! Sky Parade Balloon flight will take place over the Indianola town square while participating businesses are open for shopping and dining. 


Dawn Patrol

A rare flight, not seen very often at hot air ballooning events. Prepare to be awestruck as dark skies come alive with a mystical glow during

Dawn Patrol. Bring your flashlight and watch in wonder as Dawn Patrol pilots launch prior to sunrise and fly until it is light enough to land. Secured with specially approved lighting systems, balloons flying in the dark are a rare phenomenon in ballooning. Launch takes place promptly at 5:15 am. Do not be late or you’ll miss it. 

Fantastic Fireworks

The skies light up in a different way with three Fantastic Fireworks shows during the incredible 9-day event.


Mass Ascension

One of the most anticipated events at the field. Mass Ascension is when all 100+ balloons launch from the Memorial Balloon Field during the same time frame. On other days, balloons may fly into the field or sometimes the field is split (half of the balloons will launch at the field and fly away while the other half will fly into the field).


National Balloon Classic Parade

The National Balloon Classic Parade makes its way through the streets of Indianola including the city square. Plan to make it a day; Indianola and Warren County have so much to offer. Enjoy unique shopping around town, craft beers, local wines, and great dining options. 


Nite Glows

One of the most anticipated events at the National Balloon Classic. Cheer on as the pilots fire the burners and balloons dazzle with their gorgeous glow.

​Shape Inflate

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…no it’s buzzing bees and flying pirates! Shape Inflate features special shaped hot air balloons that fill the sky with distinct charm.


Vintage Balloon Inflate

With a 50+ year history of hot air ballooning in Indianola, Iowa, many hot air balloons hold special memories for guests and locals. Watch as some of the oldies but goodies take their spot on the launch field and come back to life during this special inflate.